Welcome to Parkwood Heights Scout Group

Parkwood Heights Joey Scouts

Joeys Scouts - 5* to 7 Years

Joey Scouts is your first section in Scouts.
It’s for boys and girls aged 5*, 6 and 7 and it’s all about fun!

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Parkwood Heights Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts - 8 to 10 Years

Cub Scouts is the second section into Scouts.
It’s for boys and girls aged 8 to 10 and it’s all about adventure!

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Parkwood Heights Scouts

Scouts - 11 to 14 Years

Scouts is for boys and girls aged 11 to 14 and is the most well known section of the Scouting Movement – Scouts is where the action is!

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Parkwood Heights Venturer Scouts

Venturers - 15 to 17 Years

Venturer Scouts is for males and females aged 15 to 17 who never turn down a good challenge and love to push themselves to their limits.

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Parkwood Heights Rover Scouts

Rovers - 18 to 25 Years

Rover Scouts is for males and females who love socialising, challenging themselves, and seizing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

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Parkwood Heights Leaders & Adults

Leaders & Adult Members - 18+

Leaders are the backbone of our movement.
Are you looking for an adventure and the chance to help young people?

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* Must have had their 5th birthday and be eligible to start Year 1 prior to commencing in this Section.
The commencement for advancement in Sections may vary up to 6 months.


Parkwood Heights Scout Group

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